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On this page, you'll find details of all the Cosgrove Hall series made using models and sets. You can call it 3D animation or puppet animation if you want, but don't call it claymation or I'll put you in the Naughty Corner. One-off specials have their own page here.

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Lavender Castle

Lavender Castle"In deepest space Captain Thrice embarks on a search for the legendary Lavender Castle. Other characters included Roger and Isambard." Sorry, I just totally got that from another Web site, because I've never actually seen this show. But I wish I had, because I saw the puppets on display in The Lowry and they were insanely gorgeous. Look closely at the credits too – it was made in association with Gerry "Thunderbirds are go" Anderson.

Writers: Gerry Anderson, Pauline Fisk / Idea: Rodney Matthews / Story: Pauline Fisk
Music: Crispin Merrell / Producer: Gerry Anderson / Director: Chris Taylor
Voices: Jimmy Hibbert, Robert Rackstraw, David Holt, Kate Harbour

You absolutely have to go and check out Rodney Matthews' homepage, which has loads of production and design information, as well as video clips.

All 26 episodes are available on DVD in the UK on a very nice two-disk set, with lots of extras. There's no US release yet, that I know of.


Look out, Noddy! Star of Enid Blyton's books and many tedious pieces in the Daily Mail about how it's a crying shame that innocent golliwogs get such rough treatment at the hands of Political Correctness. Cosgrove and Hall have had two cracks at the Noddy stories, one in the seventies (by Brian Cosgrove alone) and one in the nineties. Both versions look quite similar, and both have been big hits all over the world. Of course, it helps that Noddy, Big Ears, Mr Plod and co have been around for donkey's years, and thousands of parents who read the books when they were kids want their children to watch the cartoon so they can go on big ol' nostalgia trips. But hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

Meet Noddy and other childhood chums at the official Enid Blyton Web site.

Oakie Doke

Oakie and some squirrels (and mice) The adventures of Oakie Doke, a helpful little acorn-man, and his various woodland friends. These include a family of frogs and some mischievous squirrels.

Voices: Kate Harbour, David Holt
Creator: Bridget Appleby
Music: Ernie Wood
Executive Producers: Theresa Plummer Andrews,
Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
Producer: Jackie Cockle
Director: Brian Little

This show is available on two DVDs in the UK, each one containing six episodes.

Rocky and the Dodos

Rocky and some other weird thing The adventures of a bunch of dodos (Rocky, Elvis, Bill, Wonda, Astra and Tantra) on a remote island. I haven't seen much of this show, but I do know that it features amusingly bog-eyed puppets.

To see Rocky in action, go to the ABC Australia Showcase, which has some nifty video clips.

This show is available on two DVDs in the UK, each one containing six episodes.

Rotten Ralph

Ralph and SarahRalph is a cat who tries his best to be good, but always ends up doing bad. His owner, Sarah, knows he means well, but somehow he just can't help being rotten! This show was based on the well-known Rotten Ralph books, created by Jack Gantos and Nicole Rubel. The style of the show reproduces Rubel's illustations very accurately.

You want episode guide? Go here, fool!


Masklin and GrimmaSuperlative adaptation of the well-known book by Terry Pratchett. The story revolves around a group of Nomes, whose spaceship accidently crashed to Earth 15,000 years ago, and their quest to return home. Truckers was originally envisioned as part of an ongoing adaptation of the trilogy known as the Bromeliad (the other books being Diggers and Wings). Sadly, this was shelved when Thames lost their broadcasting license in the early nineties, and everything at Cosgrove Hall went pear-shaped for a while. I hear DreamWorks have the rights to the series now, so stay tuned.

Did you know?

  • Truckers received first prize for Best Animated Feature from the Chicago International Children's Festival, having been entered in a specially edited 98-minute version.
  • Many celebs were involved in the voicework, including Joe McGann and Debra Gillett.
As usual, Toonhound can be relied on to produce the goods where others have failed (or just not bothered). Lots of Truckers info is handily compiled on this ever-worthy site.

The Wind in the Willows

ToadCosgrove Hall's multi-award winning adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's famous books, concerning the adventures of Toad, Ratty, Badger and Mole. (All of the following info is taken from Cosgrove Hall's official company information documents, because I never actually watched this show. I know it's a classic, but hey, sue me.)

  • 75-minute film based on the Kenneth Grahame classic story. This film was winner of 1983 BAFTA award, the 1983 International Emmy Award and 1st prize winner at the Chicago Festival in 1984.

  • 52 x 20 minute episodes under the same title also won first place in the Animated Series section of the 1987 Chicago Festival.

  • 60 minute feature entitled "Tale of Two Toads" and 13 x 20 episodes under the title "Oh Mr Toad!" are also available. This series won The Observer Children's Award for 1990.
  • Wow! A really special new Wind in the Willows fan site has just sprung up with, amongst other things, extensive video info and a complete episode guide with screen grabs. You've no excuse for not going there. Go!
  • I may not know much about The Wind in the Willows, but this guy does.
Check out the Loot page for more about The Wind in the Willows merchandise.

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